The average saving of being an online student


01st Feb 2019




Studying online is an incredibly cost-effective way to study. Our online degrees are competitively priced… but that’s not the only reason why they’re good value. You’ll also reap the benefits of online study in a number of other ways during your time with us.


No relocations

You can study from anywhere in the world with our courses – so no relocation fees, no visas, no job changes and no moving stress. Unless you’re from a country that doesn’t require a visa, a student visa could cost as much as £348 for the duration of your study. That’s on top of your flights to the UK (and home to see friends and family) as well as shipping costs for any belongings you’re bringing with you.

The average cost of rent in Colchester is over £1,000 a month. Now, you do need to live somewhere, so chances are you’re paying rent or a mortgage wherever you are living. But with online study, there’s no need to move to somewhere that might not be as convenient for your current lifestyle.


No transport fees

Rather than needing to travel to campus for all your classes, you save both money and time with an online degree by logging into our learning platform from home. Local travel costs for students in the UK can add up to £500 a year – and that’s based on students who live on campus! If you live in a nearby town or village these costs can increase quickly.


No textbook costs

On average, students spend £500 a year on books and course materials. Luckily for you, all your course materials are provided within your tuition fee, including access to our virtual library containing a wide range of textbooks and academic journals.


Fewer impulse buys

As you won’t be heading onto campus, there’ll be fewer opportunities to splurge on a cup of coffee before class or lunch in a café. Completing your studies from the comfort of your own home means you can cook cheaper and healthier meals on your study breaks rather than being a captive audience to the outlets on campus.


Total cost saving of online study

It’s hard to calculate the total savings because it depends on where you live and your work and family situations. But since you’ll be saving £500 on textbooks alone, we think it isn’t unreasonable to say that studying online is an impressively cost-effective way for you to get the education you want.


Find out more about the options we have available to help you fund your studies here. You can also download a prospectus to find out what courses are available.