University of Essex Online stands with the people of Ukraine and all those who condemn the actions of war by the Government of the Russian Federation. The indefensible invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Government is causing horrifying suffering for those caught up in the war that is raging in many parts of the country.

The safety and wellbeing of online students is our highest priority, and we have taken a number of direct actions to support any students who may have been affected. These include:

  • The Student Support team has been in close contact with all online students to offer any support that we can during these difficult times.
  • We have a range of academic and financial measures in place to support online students who are currently studying.
  • We have launched a fundraising campaign in support of the Red Cross Ukraine Appeal and Kaplan is matching funds raised.
  • We have ceased working with any individuals or companies that support the Russian invasion and we have suspended our active promotion activities in Russia at this time.

We strongly condemn the invasion and express our support for all of our staff, students and family who have been affected by the conflict. The thoughts of the University of Essex Online community are with you all.