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How we help

Student Advisers

All students have a personal Student Adviser who is their first point of contact and mentor. The role of the Student Adviser is to support students during the course and provide guidance.

Tutor support

Your module tutors will be in regular contact with you throughout the course. In particular you will have tutor contact through:

  • discussion board participation
  • question and answer sessions
  • feedback on coursework
  • responding to your questions by phone or email

IT Support

We’ll do all that we can to help fix your technical problems over the phone. If the problem can´t be fixed immediately, we will contact our systems managers and try to resolve any issues.

Support for students with disabilities

You should make us aware of any disabilities or learning difficulties that you have during the application and interview process, as we find that early awareness of these issues improves our level of support.

Once we are aware of any learning issues, our Study Skills Manager will assess your needs and any further support we can offer you. We can also give advice on funding that may be available for you.

Contact us for further information or for details about additional support available.