What are the career options with an undergraduate business degree?


17th Mar 2021


Careers, Business


Business is one of the biggest and most popular departments at University of Essex Online – and with good reason! A business degree is a fantastic foundation on which to build your career.


What careers can I go into with a business degree?

A business degree is truly one you can take with you to any industry, as all companies need effective people within the business and management side of their company.

Traditional careers include those within banking, finance, consultancy, human resources and marketing. Alternatively, you may wish to prepare for a managerial role and progression into leadership. This is a great option for those who are studying an online business degree while already working, as they can combine their experience in their field with newfound management knowledge and skills to progress to more senior roles in their industry.

A business degree is also a great choice if you have entrepreneurial aspirations and hope to run your own business one day. You will learn a range of essential skills that will set you on the right track when forming your business, and the broad spectrum of topics you will study will be beneficial when creating your business plan, managing company finances and hiring staff.


What skills will I develop during an online business degree?

Following your completion of a business degree, you will have an understanding of the way businesses operate, particularly in the modern business environment. You will have access to a broad toolset that you can apply within various business functions.

But a business degree is useful for more than the specific knowledge you gain – you will also develop a range of highly desirable skills that will enable you to succeed in your chosen career. Skills such as communication and teamwork will be developed during your discussions and joint activities with classmates. And your final project will improve your ability to research, critically analyse and make strategic decisions.

Time management, organisational and self-motivational skills are also key to succeeding in business, and online study will encourage you to develop good habits and processes for working independently and meeting deadlines.


What undergraduate business degrees can I study online?

At University of Essex Online, you can choose from our BA (Hons) Business and Management or BA (Hons) Business and Marketing, which have an indicative study duration of 4 years, and have both academic and work experience entry routes.

If you’re unsure whether you would meet the entry requirements for these courses, we also offer a CertHE Business and Management, which is equivalent to the first level of undergraduate study and has an open entry route, meaning you don’t need any prior qualifications or experience to start studying.


Can I undertake further study in business after I complete my degree?

For those who enjoy learning, a Masters degree is a fantastic next step once you’ve finished your Bachelors. If you have developed a significant interest in a particular area of business, such as finance, analytics, project management, digital marketing, human resources or supply chain management, you can study a specialist Masters degree in that subject. This will give you even more relevant knowledge that you can apply in your future career.

Alternatively, for those who desire a more rounded business education at postgraduate level, there are two options. For those who wish to go straight onto a Masters, our Master of Business Management (MBM) is ideal. It will further build on the knowledge and skills you gained during your undergraduate degree, taking it to the next level and encouraging your leadership development.

Alternatively, you could go on to study a degree in another subject, since business learnings can be useful in any industry. If you study a postgraduate degree in a specific field such as law, health or computing, you can gain additional knowledge to enable you to enter a field where your business skills will also come in very useful.


Why should I study business online?

Studying business online and part-time allows you to keep up with your existing commitments, whether they relate to work, family, travel or anything else. You complete learning activities on a schedule that works for you, but with the same high-quality teaching and support that you would expect to receive on campus.

When you study with University of Essex Online, you will have access to a cutting-edge virtual learning environment (VLE) which hosts all your study materials including multimedia lecturecasts, engaging discussion forums, and a broad eLibrary containing key texts and academic journals. There are no exams – you will be assessed entirely through assignments. You’ll be supported throughout your studies by our dedicated Student Support team and experienced module tutors who are each experts in their field.


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