Which computing degree is right for me?


26th Feb 2024


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As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, so the computing industry continues to evolve, with many opportunities for graduates who possess the relevant skills and experience. A postgraduate degree in computing will accelerate your career by expanding subject-specific knowledge and building key leadership skills. At the University of Essex Online, we’re proud to offer specialist conversion courses, ideal for those who don’t have any prior computing experience and who want to break into the industry.  

Want to find out which degree is right for you? In this blog, we’ll discuss the topics covered in each course and potential career pathways.   


MSc Computer Science

Our MSc Computer Science will help you gain the skills and knowledge to make data-driven decisions in any industry. You’ll delve into the historical, architectural and practical perspectives of computer science, and build a strong understanding of the latest software relevant to computing architecture and data representation. Throughout your studies, you’ll be introduced to techniques and tools used within designing, implementing, testing and debugging objected oriented programs.   

You’ll also develop transferable skills such as problem solving, research and teamwork which are beneficial to any role you may find yourself in. There are plenty of career paths to access with a computing degree. You could find yourself in high demand across industries including financial organisations, data warehouses, governmental agencies, universities and hospitals.   


MSc Data Science

Learn how to successfully extract, analyse, interpret and present data with our MSc Data Science. You’ll gain awareness of common data analysis techniques and processes, as well as the ethical and professional responsibilities of data scientists. Not only that, you’ll be well prepared for senior roles that involve identifying issues, establishing new systems and seeking opportunities to improve the flow of data within any organisation.   

Companies are collecting more data than ever before to extract meaningful insights that support business decisions. Data science is used in a wide variety of industries such as finance, healthcare, marketing, information technology and many more. If you’re interested in roles such as data scientist, machine learning engineer, business intelligence lead, researcher, data architect or similar – our MSc Data Science is the right course for you.  


MSc Cyber Security

On our innovative MSc Cyber Security, you’ll be introduced to cyber defences, learn how to protect digital information and defend organisations against cyber-attacks. This course covers the fundamentals of cyber security, information governance and human factors in cyber security challenges, with each module having a particular focus. The main aim is to give you the skills to mitigate attacks and protect the data and privacy of individuals and companies. 

Companies within a wide variety of industries need to defend themselves against the risk of security breaches, so there are plenty of options for graduates. You could find yourself in a role such as cyber security analyst, software developer, risk analyst or secure systems designer, amongst many more.  


MSc Artificial Intelligence   

The use of artificial intelligence has seen huge growth in recent years, as companies implement this cutting-edge technology to improve business activities. Our MSc Artificial Intelligence covers the main underpinning theories and methodologies, as well as the three fundamental areas – search, knowledge reputation and learning.   

Industries are utilising artificial intelligence to streamline processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs by automating tasks. A variety of companies within finance, education, marketing and many other sectors are using AI within their business activities. Whatever industry you choose to work in, you’ll be at the forefront of this new technology.  


MSc Enterprise IT Management

Gain a technical understanding of cloud computing, cyber security and data science – alongside the knowledge to maximise business value – with our MSc Enterprise IT Management. You’ll explore a range of exciting topics including enterprise IT project management, security and risk management and information technology service management (ITSM). Our modules are also measured against EITBOK and backed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, as well as the Association for Computing Machinery.  

On completion of the course, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to take on exciting roles such as cloud engineer, DevOps engineer, IT service manager and digital transformation specialist. There’s plenty of other opportunities in the IT industry for graduates depending on your career goals and aspirations. 


Why study computing with Essex Online?

  • All programming languages and software is provided. 
  • Our courses have a focus on collaborative development, mirroring real-life software development roles. 
  • We’re proud to have students from over 140 countries worldwide. 
  • Graduate on campus at the University of Essex, a top 40 UK university (CUG 2024). 


Impact Scholarship

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To find out more about our computing degrees, download a prospectus. If you have any questions about the Impact Scholarship, get in touch with our friendly Admissions team.