You’re never too late to achieve your career goals with the University of Essex Online.

My passion for teaching presented an international opportunity to teach history at a secondary school located in Hyderabad, India. Living and working in India exposed me to a diverse and multi-faceted group of people and provided more opportunities to teach students. 

I chose the Master of Education (M.Ed.) because I wanted to equip myself with skills and knowledge to apply in my teaching practice. The course covered modules like the use of technology in teaching and assessment, as well as different philosophies of education. It also helped me gain more international teaching options and I’m looking at the possibility of progressing into a leadership position in the future. 

Due to full-time employment, I have limited time to attend courses in person. The best option for me was to continue working and study online. This was the perfect fit as I could do my reading, work on my course assignments and keep my job. The enrolment process was smooth and one of the admissions advisers assisted me throughout. They answered promptly to any course-related questions I had regarding my eligibility to enrol. They also clearly outlined the benefits of completing the degree and sent me all the necessary information to make an informed decision. 

The support from the Student Services team was exceptional as they replied to emails within a few hours. They were also kind enough to send reminder emails on assignments that were close to due dates and encouraged me to reach out if I needed help. The team left a good impression on me as they valued student welfare and academic success. The virtual learning environment (VLE) was wonderful – the course modules were easily accessible and very detailed. It also provided additional information on how to write an academic report and reference sources.  

I would encourage anyone who wants to study online to study with the University of Essex Online. You’ll be supported every step of the way, from the word go! Studying at the University of Essex Online inspires you to achieve more, irrespective of your background. I’m in my 30s and I hadn’t seriously studied for several years, but when I look back, the learning experience was worth it.

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Erika Van der Merwe

You are never late to achieve your career goals with Essex Online.

Alice Villar

I am a creative person and, in my opinion, building games while studying is the best way to learn how to code.

Jamie Wakeman

I started my studies in 2012 and all was going smoothly in my career and with my education until 2015, when I discovered that I had a tumour.