I’ve had the privilege of connecting with individuals globally through my academic endeavours.

I began my digital marketing journey with a Bachelors degree in Asian Studies in the Philippines. My professional experience working at the Cultural Center of the Philippines laid the groundwork for my future career, marrying my cultural passions with marketing. 

After moving to Dubai, I chose to further my education with a Masters degree in Global Digital Marketing with the University of Essex Online. This decision was fuelled by the flexibility of the course and the supportive community, aligning perfectly with my aspirations and background. I’ve had the privilege of connecting with individuals globally, further solidifying my belief in the power of digital marketing to foster global understanding and cooperation.  

Relocating to Dubai marked a significant chapter in my life – pushing me into new territories both geographically and professionally. This move wasn’t only about career growth, but also immersing myself in an environment packed with diversity and innovation. In the UAE, diverse encounters expanded my global perspective, introducing me to varied cultures and life experiences.  

I’m looking forward to a future career in digital marketing and global exploration. This journey has enabled personal and professional growth, while highlighting the potential of digital marketing in bridging cultural gaps. The road ahead is filled with opportunities for learning and discovery and I’m eager to see where it leads.  


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Obinna Orjingene

I was looking after children who had fled armed conflict. It was here that I was convinced Public Health was the way to go to progress my career.

Naomi Mc Laughlan

After considering whether I should share part of my personal story openly, I have come to the conclusion that my struggles over the past years may motivate somebody.

Maria Grecco

I work as a forensic psychiatrist in Argentina and this course has been amazing, it has really changed my life and my working practice.