16 perfect presents for an online and part-time student


19th Dec 2019


Online study


Everyone has that one friend or family member who is almost impossible to buy for! But if that person happens to be an online student, fear not! We have created the perfect list of last-minute stocking fillers which will not only delight your recipient but turn you into a lifesaver in their eyes!

Read onto discover our list of perfect stocking fillers…


1. Pens and notepads

Everyone needs paper and a pen in their life, but students need this more than most! Whether they’re using them to scribble down lecturecast notes, the first draft of an assignment or simply jotting ideas down for their next discussion, you really can’t go wrong with stationery.


2. A desktop calendar

A planner or calendar might not seem like the sort of present you might buy someone, but for students, you couldn’t get them a more practical present! With so many deadlines to keep track of having one place to keep all these is nothing short of a godsend.


3. A photo frame

Many people can relate to the feeling of never leaving the office. A photo (and frame) is great for keeping family with you wherever you are and help to keep you motivated. An engraved or custom-made design helps add that extra individual touch!


4. A tablet

A tablet is the perfect present for the student that is always on the go. It allows them to make the most of their commute, their lunchbreak or basically anytime they have a few spare moments. There are many different models available designed to meet a variety of different budgets.


5. A tablet case

… and what tablet would be complete without a funky and practical protective case? Available in a range of colours and designs, it means that they can use their tablet wherever and whenever without being afraid of breaking it.


6. Headphones

Whether they’re being used to listen to an online lecture, or a playlist packed full of inspirational music to keep them powering on to finish their assignment, a high-quality and comfortable pair of headphones is essential for an online student. A set with a built-in mic can be even better making it simple to comment and contribute on webinars.


7. A rechargeable power pack

When you’re juggling a million and one things forgetting to charge your laptop or tablet is very easily done! A reserve power source or spare charger could be the perfect present, helping prevent that gut-wrenching moment when the last flickers of battery life die, your laptop screen fades to black and all your hard work vanishes in front of your increasingly tear tinged eyes.


8. Coffee/coffee maker

It’s a bit of a cliché, but many students end up burning the midnight oil at one time or another throughout their studies. So, some extremely strong coffee beans, or even a coffee maker, if you fancy pushing the boat out, will give them a much-needed caffeine boost helping them to keep going strong all night long.


9. Food and snacks

Snacks are of almost lifesaving importance when you’re working hard on an assignment. A hamper or gift box of their favourite nibbles will go down a storm this Christmas, but be warned they might not last very long…


10. Champagne/sparkling wine

Assuming they are not teetotal, what better way to celebrate a good grade or the completion of a tricky module than with a bottle of fizz? And if you want to add that little extra incentive, as graduation draws closer, you could always reach for a bottle from that top-shelf! If they don’t drink a bottle of their favourite soft drink or cordial would do just as well.


11. Recipe books

If you’ve got a student who’s a keen cook, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to make a complicated meal; therefore, a recipe book focusing on speedy meals and quick treats is sure to be a hit.


12. Grammar or academic writing textbooks

With so many assignments to write, a guide to grammar and punctuation is an invaluable resource for many students. Whether it’s used to check how to properly use a semicolon or to revise the Harvard referencing system, it will quickly become a must-have page-turner, okay, maybe that’s slightly optimistic! But it could definitely be an essential tool.


13. An online magazine subscription

While most online and part-time students don’t have a lot of spare time for reading, magazines are perfect for dipping in and out of. If you can find a magazine that’s also about their chosen subject, it won’t just be entertaining but educating too!


14. A back massager

Backaches are sometimes an unfortunate side-effect of long hours sitting down reading or writing. Back massagers can help to ease out those tired muscles and keep a student going just that little bit longer.


15. An experience day

After all the stress of a big assignment deadline, there’s nothing like a break from studying to help a frazzled student relax and start to feel human again! A track day, an afternoon paintballing or a round of golf could be perfect for a sporty student, or an afternoon wine tasting or at a spa could be just what the more ‘sophisticated’ student needs.


16. Your time

Juggling part-time study with a career and a family often means that the most precious gift a student can receive is a helping hand. An offer to babysit, cook a meal or just do a few loads of laundry is sure to be gratefully received.


And while you’re at it, why not get a little something for yourself – or a big something! Download a prospectus today to get the ball rolling.