Spotlight on: BSc (Hons) Psychology


06th Jun 2019




Curious about what is going on inside other people’s heads? Perhaps you’re keen for a career in counselling, marketing, healthcare, youth services or education? Maybe you’ve always had an interest in psychology, and have now reached a point in your life when studying makes sense for you?

Whatever brings you here, it’s time to take a look at our BSc (Hons) Psychology.


What’s the course?

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. It includes many different areas such as development, social behaviour, cognitive processes, health and mental health, biology and forensics.

Our BSc (Hons) Psychology programme delves into the depths of the human mind. This course aims to give students a thorough understanding of the breadth of the discipline, while providing a detailed look at several areas within this highly varied field.


What do I learn first?

You’ll start the course with a module titled Fundamentals of Effective Learning in Psychology, which will introduce you to the online learning tools and methods you will need to use over the course of your studies. Then you’ll dive into the level 4 modules such as Introduction to Social Psychology, and Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

You’ll be introduced to the research methods that underpin later modules in our Introduction to Research Methods module, which will see you produce both a quantitative report and a qualitative report – both essential for a comprehensive understanding of the discipline.

You won’t have to wait too long before studying more in-depth topics, such as Mental Health, Stress and Wellbeing; Personality and Intelligence; and the Psychology of Attitudes.


What is the course content like?

Developed and led by Chartered Psychologists, all of our course content is designed specifically for online learning. The core of your study will be through lecturecasts – engaging multimedia “lectures” that incorporate video, audio, animation, paragraphs of text and short tests and activities.

You will also take part in discussion forums with your classmates, where you will have the opportunity to debate and chat about the new knowledge you are encountering; write journal entries where you will reflect on your learnings and consider how to integrate them into your current role or future job search; participate in live Q&A sessions with your tutor and fellow students; and access a comprehensive eLibrary filled with relevant academic journals and textbooks.

There are no exams to cram for – all assessment is done through written assignments.


Can I tailor my studies?

Absolutely! At level 5 you can choose from three optional modules: forensic psychology, health psychology and educational psychology. That way you can customise the course to fit your interests and career objectives.

Additionally, the last module you will complete is the Final Psychology Project. You have the freedom to choose, in coordination with your supervisor, an issue to conduct a research project into. The project you choose might be related to your current role, a topic that piqued your interested during the course or is relevant to your future career plan.


What if I want something shorter?

You’re in luck! Our full BSc has an indicative duration of four years, but we also offer a CertHE Psychology course, which introduces you to many of the key concepts of psychology in just 16 months. CertHEs are a recognised qualification that will enhance your CV, and it’s equivalent to the first level of our BSc, so it’s simple to carry on studying once you complete your course.


What if I have other interests?

Well, if they’re in business or criminology, you can actually combine your studies! We offer courses in criminal psychology and business psychology, both full Bachelors and shorter CertHEs. Alongside your studies of the key areas of psychology, you will have access to a range of specialist criminology or business modules.


How will this help my career?

The psychology knowledge you develop will be of benefit to a wide range of careers – from counselling to the civil service, marketing to education, research to security. The key skills you develop will also be appealing to employers, as you will have a concrete way to demonstrate your critical thinking, research and communication skills.

Finally, your CV will contain a degree awarded by one of the top British universities – placed in the top 40 UK universities (Complete University Guide 2024).


Interested? Just click here to apply! Alternatively, you can download a prospectus to find out more about studying psychology.