Alongside studying my Masters, I also work as a Python instructor in a coding school.

I have a great deal of programming experience with Python and I’m passionate about game development. I’m a creative person and in my opinion, building games while studying is the best way to learn how to code. 

Before starting a career in computer science, I was a lawyer and published three books – the first two on jurisprudence with a preface written by Luis Fux, a justice minister of the Supreme Federal Court. The third book focuses on banking law and has a preface written by Luis Felipe Salomão, a justice minister of the Superior Court of Justice. 

Although law, technology and computer science are completely different fields, the writing skills I gained are helpful in my current journey. In fact, I recently published the paper ‘Robot process automation in the banking industry: a case study on Deutsche bank’. I’ve also educated myself on machine learning to help me fulfil my ambition of working as a chatbot developer in the future. 

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, tai-chi and yoga. I was a professional ballet dancer when I was younger, so acro yoga comes naturally to me. I also love theatre and literature, especially social comedies by Oscar Wilde. 

I’ve never pursued acting but if the opportunity presented itself, I would like to study storytelling. For me, the best aspect of storytelling is uniting ideas with emotions – and while some people are naturals, I believe it can be developed with practice and dedication. 

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Latoya Stephenson-Smith

After completing the module, I hope to teach additional public health courses to undergraduate students within the academic setting.

Alexandra Lockwood

The knowledge gained is so beneficial and the collaborative learning of discussion forums is really rewarding. 

Nicholas Pillay

What really sets the University of Essex Online experience apart is the exciting online lectures. They curate interactive and fascinating lecturecasts to keep you engaged throughout each module.