I’m deeply grateful for the opportunities that have shaped my journey and I’m eager for the adventures that lie ahead.

I’m currently studying the CertHE Law with Business at the University of Essex Online and I’m so excited to be involved in the world of online learning. The flexibility of online education has been critical to my success as it allows me to smoothly blend my studies with my career responsibilities and personal goals. This form of learning has provided me not only with academic knowledge, but also invaluable skills in time management, self-discipline and adaptability.  

Beyond academia, my desire to empower women has led me to volunteer with the Inara Project organisation, where we work relentlessly to uplift and support women from all walks of life. This work has given me a strong sense of purpose and has allowed me to make a significant contribution to the growth of gender opportunities and social justice in my community.  

Balancing the obligations of a full-time job with continued study and community involvement has been challenging at times, but also very gratifying. Looking ahead, I hope to work as a corporate lawyer, where I can use my legal knowledge and business experience to navigate complicated legal landscapes and achieve constructive change inside organisations. My family and fiancé have been unwavering supporters throughout my studies, urging me to dream big, persist through adversity, and never lose sight of my goals.  

With a heart full of enthusiasm, a mind eager to learn, and a spirit propelled by purpose, I’m ready to welcome the future with open arms.  


Interested in seeing where a CertHE law with business qualification could take you? To find out more, download a prospectus.  


Obinna Orjingene

I was looking after children who had fled armed conflict. It was here that I was convinced Public Health was the way to go to progress my career.

Adam Newman

The University of Essex Online has offered and delivered on flexible learning. The course structures are easy to follow, and I can fit my study around both work and family life.

Anjelika Maromedoba

My long-term goals are to work in the United Nations Organisation or the World Health Organisation, as well as continuing my education with the University of Essex.