My childhood dream led to my current reality. 

I recently graduated from the University of Essex Online with an MSc Business with Finance. I live in southern Russia and have 13 years’ academic work experience. I used to work as an assistant professor at a local university, but now I co-run a medical clinic with my sister, where I’m responsible for the financial side of the business. 

The University of Essex Online was a very attractive choice due to its proactive approach and the convenience of online study. It gave me a good feeling for the future and the virtual learning platform also impressed me. Sometimes it was stressful having to juggle everything, but I really appreciated the support – particularly from the student advisers and of course the tutors. 

I’m incredibly happy to have gained a Masters degree with such a reputable university, as well as valuable skills I can apply to my business – particularly project management, business strategy and financial management.  

I feel my life has become better than it was prior to studying. I am going to expand my work experience and gain new knowledge at an international level by studying a doctorate degree within the next three to five years. 

The main advice I would give is to pursue your dreams! I waited 36 years and now my childhood dream has led me to my current reality. 

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Katie Mitchell

I joined the Army at sixteen years old having only taken the three GCSEs that I needed for my chosen trade. I am currently a Sergeant within the Royal Signals.

Mauro Orru

I wanted a degree in law, and I wanted a first class Bachelors and I wanted to achieve it in 3 years, and no campus-based course would have allowed me to work at my own pace to achieve just that.

Claire Patricia Wilkinson

Once I've completed the course and obtained my degree, I hope to use it to progress into senior leadership roles within the NHS and play a part in making a positive change to healthcare in our country.