Joy Ngugi -MSc Data Science


I can maintain my job while pursuing my studies, enabling me to apply new skills directly to my work and vice versa. 

With a background in computer science, I always knew I wanted to further my education with a postgraduate degree. In the fourth year of my studies, I was introduced to machine learning and this became an instant passion! Having excelled in mathematics from an early age, this solidified my decision to pursue a Masters in data science. 

Finding the right opportunity proved challenging, as the best data science courses were only offered outside of Kenya. This would have required relocating to a new country and resigning from the job I’d recently acquired. Faced with these challenges, I began researching online courses and quickly discovered that the University of Essex Online offered a highly ranked data science course. Choosing this course was an easy decision for me; it allowed me to maintain my job while pursuing my studies, enabling me to apply the skills I developed directly to my work and vice versa. 

I’ve been impressed by how well structured each module is, divided into manageable chunks that allow me to plan in advance. The eLibrary has been an invaluable resource throughout my studies and research, while the Student Services team have been exceptionally supportive in responding promptly to any enquiries I’ve had. Each module has provided a new challenge and experience, allowing me to develop new skills, both technically and within research. 

I believe the skills I’ve acquired so far will be beneficial to furthering my education and I’ve already seen how invaluable they have been to my career. 


Interested in seeing where a degree in data science could lead you? To find out more, download a prospectus. 

Latoya Stephenson-Smith

After completing the module, I hope to teach additional public health courses to undergraduate students within the academic setting.

Nicholas Pillay

What really sets the University of Essex Online experience apart is the exciting online lectures. They curate interactive and fascinating lecturecasts to keep you engaged throughout each module.

Jamie Wakeman

I started my studies in 2012 and all was going smoothly in my career and with my education until 2015, when I discovered that I had a tumour.