I believe my experience at the University of Essex Online will inspire me to broaden my career goals in the future.

I started pursuing my BSc (Hons) Business Psychology degree in 2022. While considering a few options, I was attracted to Essex Online due to the friendliness of the Admissions team who ensured all my questions were answered. Since I began studying, I’ve noticed significant improvements in many areas of my life. 

I have the flexibility to learn around my schedule and from anywhere in the world. This allowed me to secure a full-time job as a teacher while tutoring part-time. I’m also pursuing a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) with another institution.  

I’m able to successfully handle my studies and other responsibilities due to the organised and coherent layout of all the content provided by the university. Additionally, in times of illness, the university responded within minutes to ensure that my temporary leave was secured and remained transparent about how it would affect my course of study.The university’s commitment to enhancing the student experience has also impressed me. 

There are opportunities to connect with peers through discussion forums and extracurricular activities like the Journal Club and becoming a student ambassador. These activities allow me to interact with students all over the world. 

I was pleasantly surprised that textbooks and important readings are included within the tuition fee. The different formats for the information within the course are wonderful. It helps that all lecturecasts come with transcripts, as I retain knowledge better through reading and writing, so I come away from each unit with a good grasp of all concepts. 

The knowledge I gained from my classes is beneficial for my desire to work in Human Resources Management. I’ve also gained a new found love for marketing due to my wonderful tutor and course structure last semester. I have many more modules to complete, but I’m pleased to say that I’m excited to continue. 


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Bria Murphy

Since starting my degree, I’ve gained a great insight into key business and marketing theories, frameworks and models, that I can now apply to my day-to-day work life.

Joy Ngugi

Choosing this course was an easy decision for me; it allowed me to maintain my job while pursuing my studies, enabling me to apply the skills I developed directly to my work and vice versa. 

Razan Alnather

The possibility to change your life is more tangible than you think. If you are working abroad in another country, an online qualification can increase your career options and open up paths to achieve your goals.