Being an online student is great because I can work at my own pace and within my own time.

I was motivated to gain a psychology degree so I could access a career path that empowers people to get the help they deserve and to give something back to the community. 

I’ve enjoyed learning new things about myself whilst studying psychology, which has helped me with my own personal circumstances. Although this course is challenging, I still find it very interesting. This has been helpful as it allowed me to stay engaged and has contributed to me successfully passing assignments, even when initially I wasn’t very confident. 

I really enjoy online learning and have successfully completed previous online courses; however, this is my first higher education qualification through an online institution. As I’m not in front of anyone else, I don’t feel I’m being put on the spot when it comes to my learning. I can work within my own space, using tools such as music to help me focus and that doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s learning. 

I disclosed my disability at the admissions stage, and I was contacted by the disability team to guide me through the process. My contact within this department was fantastic and they helped me every step of the way. Students can disclose their disability at any point throughout their course, so I would encourage anyone who thinks they may benefit from this support to reach out. You don’t need to struggle alone. 


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Les Huysmans

After an in-depth search, I chose the University of Essex Online for its affordability, the helpful responses to my initial queries and the thorough yet smooth admissions process.

Razan Alnather

The possibility to change your life is more tangible than you think. If you are working abroad in another country, an online qualification can increase your career options and open up paths to achieve your goals.

Eli Friedland

I’m not confined to one country; I can visit my family and friends all over the world without missing any lectures or important deadlines.