Experience is invaluable, but I knew to further my career I had to invest in my learning.

I started my career at Leeds Teaching Hospital, and have gradually progressed into more senior roles over the past 10 years. During the pandemic I finally realised my career goal was to become a healthcare leader. Experience is invaluable, but I knew that to further my career I needed to invest in my learning and the BSc (Hons) Healthcare Management seemed perfect.

I have a full-time job and financial responsibilities, and I couldn’t give up work, so studying full time wasn’t an option for me. I started searching for online providers to do a degree and the University of Essex Online stood out for me as it was flexible, which meant I could study around my job, and the duration wasn’t too long. I chose to complete the CertHE first, so I had the option to stop there if I found it wasn’t for me. I’m so glad I did that, as the modules I completed for the CertHE contributed towards my BSc and at the end I’ll have two qualifications. 

The virtual learning platform (VLE) is user-friendly and isn’t one of those sites that you dread to use. I can also access it on my phone and iPad, which means I can study from anywhere! All the tutors I’ve come across have been supportive, informative and offer their time if needed. They also leave you to manage your own time, which for me was important as I’m studying around work and being a mum to a one-year-old! 

Once I’ve completed the course and obtained my degree, I hope to use it to progress into senior leadership roles within the NHS and play a part in making a positive change to healthcare in our country.

With my experience, this degree and my commitment to personal development – I think it will all be worthwhile in the end!  


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Adam Newman

The University of Essex Online has offered and delivered on flexible learning. The course structures are easy to follow, and I can fit my study around both work and family life.

Matt Clifton

At the time of starting the BA, I was 18 years old, and in my last year of college. It would have been really tough to access a campus-based university over an online study option.

Alice Villar

I am a creative person and, in my opinion, building games while studying is the best way to learn how to code.