Initially, I had reservations about online learning, but the University of Essex Online has exceeded my expectations in every single way.

As someone who’s struggled with health issues for years, a pivotal point in my life was understanding how psychology plays into healing and growing as an individual. I think that is really what brought me here to pursue my psychology degree, through which I aim to build a foundation for holistic healing.  

My choice to study psychology stems from a deep-seated passion for understanding the complexities of the human mind and psychological principles to enhance overall wellbeing. Mental health concerns are currently on the rise, and I’m committed to advocating for assistance in this area.  

The reason I chose the University of Essex Online was the flexibility that it offered. Being a health coach, I needed a programme that allowed me to balance my work and education. Not only did it provide flexibility, it also offered a recognised degree. The support of tutors and dedicated teams, a well-structured curriculum, enriching student learning experience and a comprehensive virtual learning environment (VLE) made it feel no less than an on-campus degree.  

This course has been empowering and has enabled me to pursue my passions to make a positive impact in the world. Looking ahead, I want to pursue further education, majoring in clinical psychology. Through this major, I’m going to align my work and core values to help provide a comprehensive approach to mental wellbeing.  


Interested in seeing where our CertHE Psychology course could take you? To find out more, download a prospectus.  

William Annoh

I've learnt a lot of things and I'm willing and ready to use them in my career path.

Les Huysmans

After an in-depth search, I chose the University of Essex Online for its affordability, the helpful responses to my initial queries and the thorough yet smooth admissions process.

Julie Macey-Hewitt

The course has its challenges, but I've learnt so much in both my professional and personal life. If it wasn’t for the course and the supportive tutors I've come across, I'd never have applied for my new role.