Agnisha Bose -MSc Psychology


I aspire to become a mental health professional and start my own private practice one day.

I was born and raised in Maharashtra, India and I’m currently staying in Delhi. I was always fascinated to interact with people from different countries and wanted to know more about their languages and cultures. When the whole world came to a standstill during the COVID pandemic, the University of Essex Online helped me continue my education in a field of my interest. 

I did my undergraduate studies in economics at Symbiosis International University. However, I found that my strength lies in interacting with people and helping them live well. In my country, mental health is not talked about and so a lot of people suffer in silence. There’s also a lack of qualified mental health professionals and it becomes difficult to serve a huge population in a country like ours. 

The modules within MSc Psychology gave insights into a wide range of subjects and gradually research became an area of strength for me. Education requires a lot of learning and unlearning, and I’ve experienced that first-hand. In this process of learning I also realised that I love being a student, so I wish to pursue an additional postgraduate or a Masters degree in a specific area of counselling to enhance my skills. 

Apart from studying, my interests are traveling, playing football, gardening and reading. In the last year, I had to travel a lot and it was convenient for me to study from any device and location according to my convenience. I can also pursue other skill-based courses because the course is part-time. 

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Julie Macey-Hewitt

The course has its challenges, but I've learnt so much in both my professional and personal life. If it wasn’t for the course and the supportive tutors I've come across, I'd never have applied for my new role.

Marnee Gamboa

I chose to further my education with a Masters degree in Global Digital Marketing with the University of Essex Online. This decision was fuelled by the flexibility of the course and the supportive community, aligning perfectly with my aspirations and background.

Razan Alnather

The possibility to change your life is more tangible than you think. If you are working abroad in another country, an online qualification can increase your career options and open up paths to achieve your goals.