I had a keen interest in business and after finishing college I decided to pursue a degree.

I applied to the University of Essex Online when was I 18 years old and in my last year of college. I’d also taken on a full-time law degree on campus, so this was another commitment I had. My overall intention is to enter business law, combining both of my degrees. 

I contacted the Admissions team who informed me about the course and told me how it would fit into a busy lifestyle. Studying online allowed me to work in the comfort of my home while also managing my other studies. Another reason I chose the University of Essex Online was the fantastic student satisfaction rate, which was encouraging and made me choose this university over others.  

The tutors had a wealth of experience and I particularly enjoyed developing knowledge of new subject areas such as business planning, global business environments and financial decision making. I also enjoyed learning with other students and made friends along the way. This offered great support, knowing I could connect with other students and work together. 

It’s been challenging doing a law degree at the same time; however, with careful time management I’ve found that my studies have worked well together. I’ve also had the chance to work in between my studies and build a support website which has really fitted in with studying. 

Graduation can be described in one word – AMAZING! The day began with lots of introductions to fellow students and staff members. Everybody was so happy, friendly and welcoming. To top it all, I was presented the Top Undergraduate Award, which really rewarded my hard work over the years. Winning the award means a great deal to me; it shows I made the right decision continuing my studies and shows that my hard work, commitment and time management was worthwhile.  

A final piece of advice would be to ensure you make the most out of your time studying. It definitely goes quick!  


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Shemmiah Lewis

I have the flexibility to learn around my schedule and from anywhere in the world. This allowed me to secure a full-time job as a teacher while tutoring part-time.

Loveness Mangena

I particularly wanted to gain a broader, more global picture of community health.

Erika Van der Merwe

You are never late to achieve your career goals with Essex Online.