I’m hoping to study a Doctorate degree.

My academic journey has certainly taken a few twists and turns! After starting my undergraduate business degree, I was offered a full scholarship to study abroad in GermNicholas at the ocean.any which I eagerly accepted. However, my home university didn’t want to credit me with any of my studies abroad.

I began searching for a European institution where I could complete my studies. When the pandemic hit, it led me to find a few online universities that would allow me to complete my undergraduate course and progress on to a postgraduate programme.

The University of Essex Online stood out as their courses are 100% online but the content is the same as the in-person programmes. What’s more, I’d be graduating alongside my classmates at their Colchester campus.

Not only was my academic history taken into account to allow me to complete my undergraduate degree, it also helped me to progress onto a postgraduate diploma in management. After completing this, I’m set to complete the Master of Business Management (MBM) later this year and would love to progress on to a Doctorate degree.

What really sets the University of Essex Online experience apart is the exciting online lectures. They curate interactive and fascinating lecturecasts to keep you engaged throughout each module. To top this all off, the excellent Student Support team has helped me at every stage of my academic journey. All my questions were answered within a few hours and whatever the issue was, I always knew I’d receive help with just a quick email.


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Razan Alnather

The possibility to change your life is more tangible than you think. If you are working abroad in another country, an online qualification can increase your career options and open up paths to achieve your goals.

Katie Mitchell

I joined the Army at sixteen years old having only taken the three GCSEs that I needed for my chosen trade. I am currently a Sergeant within the Royal Signals.

Emily Wells

Although you are online, when you come to Essex for graduation it really puts it into perspective what you've actually done.