I’ve used the modules I’m studying in my real-life work experiences, which is amazing!

I was working in the emergency room and intensive care unit, providing critical care for paediatric emergencies and looking after children who’d fled armed conflict and were living in slum dwellings with their parents or guardians. It was here I decided a Master of Public Health was the way to go to progress my career. 

I’m currently working as a child survival and development consultant. I chose to study public health because the course is beneficial to my current career aspirations. With this course, I’ll gain a broader perception of health. It will allow me to address the primary healthcare disease burden in my community, as well as water hygiene and sanitation, child protection and much more.  

I chose the University of Essex Online because of the flexibility and affordability when compared to other universities of the same standard. This allowed me time and space for both my studies and personal development to fit into my working life.  

It’s been a great experience to be part of this academic community. The shared experience around module discussions have been a great learning platform. It’s been wonderful speaking to my course mates across the globe.  

I’m very passionate about maternal and child health, especially improving access to high impact primary healthcare for those living in rural areas. I hope to apply the new concepts I’m learning to my work, both in the emergency departments here and globally in the future. 

As public health evolves with challenges across our diverse continents, I’d strongly recommend this course to everyone. It will be a worthwhile decision for anyone who is thinking of studying with the University of Essex Online.  


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Katie Mitchell

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Angeline Guarin

I’d say to any non-UK student that’s worried they will feel like an outsider – fear not! Not only are UK-based students incredibly welcoming, but there are also so many other international students.

Hei Chan

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