I strongly believe that anybody can succeed at anything they set their mind to, just as I did.

My struggles over the past few years may in fact motivate somebody who’s on the fence about advancing their education. 

I’m a single parent of three. As well as home-schooling my youngest as there’s no available school space compatible with her needs, I also operate an online micro-business. I specialise in helping organisations with their business and marketing strategy, content creation and implementation of social media marketing. 

I came to the UK with nothing but my three children and the goal of advancing my career and building a life here. I quickly learned that the qualifications I’d gained previously in Germany didn’t help me here. So, I started my business instead and searched for a degree to gain an academic qualification that’s valued in the UK and elsewhere. I joined the BA (Hons) Business and Marketing and although none of my family members live in the UK and I had no support during my studies, it didn’t stop me. 

What got me through my struggles was knowing the Bachelors degree would give me the necessary advantage to either join the job market or use it to grow my business. The weekly interaction with fellow students and seeing the results I achieved with each module gave me the encouragement to continue, despite my emotional and financial struggles. Each of the assignments and feedback I received gave me confidence to know that I’m doing ’the right thing’ for myself and my children. 


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Zainab Selman

Whether you’re planning on advancing in your career or completing a Bachelors degree, the CertHE Business and Management is a great starting point!

James Jordan-Hore

As I was seeking some way to make myself more employable, I took a project management course online and quite enjoyed the process. 

Malaika Syed

The support of tutors and dedicated teams, a well-structured curriculum, enriching student learning experience and a comprehensive virtual learning environment (VLE) made it feel no less than an on-campus degree.