I’m a passionate content creator aiming to become a marketing expert.

After graduating from high school in 2017, I took a gap year and discovered a passion for content creation and photography. Both feature heavily in digital marketing and I decided to begin a career in business and marketing, which are fast-growing sectors here in Kuwait.

During my search for a suitable place to study, I was impressed by the variety of qualifications the University of Essex Online delivered through online learning. I also liked that it’s a top-rated institution and based in the UK. The admissions process was very simple and the Student Support and Finance teams were extremely helpful.

The study materials are very informative and provide both theoretical and practical objectives. The discussion forums are my favourite, as you get to interact with other students and share interesting points regarding the topic in question. Additionally, you’re provided with helpful online resources to guide you on your writing and reading.

Whether you’re planning on advancing in your career or completing a Bachelors degree, the CertHE Business and Management is a great starting point! I also enjoy the flexibility of online study, which allows me to balance my studies with working full time. There have been many times where I’ve completed an assignment at my workplace or in a coffee shop.


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