I’m studying so I can set up my own business in the future.

After graduating with a Culinary Arts Diploma, I’ve been working as a chef in well-known establishments such as Marriot International and various Hilton hotels.

My time in the hospitality industry allowed me to see how other departments work together to reach one common goal. Working with the marketing and sales teams in particular gave me more incentive to understand what to bring to the table and how they share the vision of the hotel with guests. I wished to implement these skills with my prior degree so that one day I could operate my own business.

I came across the University of Essex Online during my search for a business degree. The university stood out for me due to the programmes it offered and how much the modules related to my future plans.

I was determined to understand how business and marketing works. The main vision I have is to market food through the eyes of a chef, in a way the customer can understand the journey of the food from A to Z and explore different cuisines and tastes.

My programme has given me a greater awareness of the work and effort the marketing team puts into the hotel to ensure it attracts the desired customers. Understanding the fundamentals, from communications to planning, has made me invested in studying and since doing so, I’ve become more aware of how to implement what I’ve learnt in my daily working life.

The University of Essex Online was the right choice, as the guidelines are very clear and the virtual learning platform is easy to handle, not to mention accessible. There’s always a support system available in case students have questions and the team keeps track of students’ progress. Module tutors are also very helpful and give the best advice on how to tackle each essay or assignment.


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William Annoh

I've learnt a lot of things and I'm willing and ready to use them in my career path.

Hei Chan

While a 9-to-5 office job is the norm in Hong Kong, I realised it wasn’t right for me and decided to switch career paths during the pandemic.

Latoya Stephenson-Smith

After completing the module, I hope to teach additional public health courses to undergraduate students within the academic setting.