Spotlight on: MSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology


18th Sep 2019




Always had a fascination with crime and psychology? Want to take your criminology career to the next level? It won’t be like CSI but our MSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology course will open up a world of possibilities.

This postgraduate course will encourage you to develop your skills when making reasoned arguments and rational decisions. You will form a deep understanding of different criminological principles, practices and perspectives. Which will be applied when you explore the challenges facing modern policing including new forensic methods and their use when examining cold cases.

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What is the course content like?

On our MSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology course, you will study a broad range of academic and practical topics including crime causation, applied forensic psychology, victimisation and victimology. You will also learn about the challenges facing modern policing particularly with criminal activity becoming increasingly diverse and sophisticated.

The course focuses on exploring criminological theories and the latest psychological research applying both within a modern-day criminal justice context. You will develop advanced critical thinking skills, learn quantitative and qualitative research methods and ethics in conducting research.

All course content has been developed by a former homicide Detective Chief Superintendent using cutting edge research from the University of Essex’s dedicated centre for criminology, and you will have the opportunity to learn from our expert tutors, who include internationally recognised researchers. The academic and practical skills you develop can be directly applied to a range of professions both within the police force, security services and the National Crime Agency.


What do I learn first?

Your first module delves into the assessment and treatment of offenders from a psychological standpoint, considering issues such as ethnicity and how this relates to criminal activity.

You will then move on to study the area of criminal investigation, utilising theoretical and practical topics to conduct complex criminal investigations. You will learn about the latest psychological research and deploy these techniques within a range of practical scenarios.


What’s it like to study online?

Our MSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology is delivered 100% online using our sophisticated learning platform and part-time so you can fit your studies around other work and personal commitments in your life. The course has an indicative study duration of 2 years, although this may be longer or shorter depending on module choices and availability as well as your study speed.

Our course content is delivered in a variety of mediums – interactive lecture casts featuring videos, animations and short tests; live Q&A sessions with tutors; immersive discussion forums with your classmates; and accessing our comprehensive eLibrary of academic texts and journals.

There are no exams – instead, assessment is done through written assignments, group discussions and reflective journal entries. This is designed to improve your skills in making reasoned arguments and rational decisions, as well as developing your research and communication skills.


Can I tailor my studies?

Yes, you can! You have the choice to study either criminal victimisation or policing: leadership, policy and partnership. This way you can choose the module most suited to your current profession and future career aspirations.

Additionally, towards the end of your degree you will produce an original piece of research on a topic of your choosing within the field of criminology and criminal psychology. You will conduct research retrieval and thorough analysis of the issue before presenting this in an effective manner.


What if I want something shorter?

Then you’re in luck! Our PG Cert and PG Dip courses are both shorter, the PG Dip has an indicative length of 16 months and the PG Cert has an indicative length of 8 months. These are both highly reputable qualifications that will help enhance your CV and make it easy to continue your studies once your course has been completed.

If you’d prefer a short course with a focus on the police force, our PG Cert Policing and Criminal Investigation is designed for those looking to succeed in senior policing roles.


How will this help my career?

Many of our graduates are looking to pursue senior roles within the criminal justice department and with the experience developed on this course, you are setting yourself on the right path to achieve this. By developing a wide skillset, you can go on to a range of fields including offender support, probation, prison and victim services.

Our MSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology course will help you develop the skills required for a range of positions within the police force, including data analytical roles, offender and probation support and prison and victim services.

This course is of equal usefulness if you’re seeking employment within security services and the National Crime Agency.


Interested in MSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology?

You can find out more by getting a prospectus here. Alternatively, contact our friendly Admissions team who can answer any questions you have about the course.