The possibility to change your life is more tangible than you think.

I chose the University of Essex Online because they offered a convenient pathway to study education. They also offered a monthly payment plan and their own online English proficiency test. 

I applied for the PG Cert Education (Educational Practice) through the work experience entry route, which requires at least two years of demonstrable practice at a compulsory education institution. After a couple of weeks, my application was accepted and I was enrolled on the programme. I felt remarkably happy, especially after discovering that many of my classmates were in the same situation as me – living and teaching abroad in Asia and Europe. 

Almost a year has passed and my experience with the University of Essex Online has been excellent. Student advisers and tutors are very supportive, modules are challenging but doable, and I’m about to achieve my postgraduate certificate. Thinking ahead to the future, I plan to progress in my studies and gain a Master of Education (M.Ed.) 

Working abroad and studying online isn’t just an attractive option for teachers. I have friends in different fields who’ve found studying online beneficial for their careers as engineers, software developers, sports coaches, lawyers and more. All of them decided to improve their skills to pursue better jobs, higher salaries and more enjoyable lifestyles, even when they have full-time jobs and families. 

If you’re working abroad in another country, I strongly advise investing one or two years to studying an online qualification, to boost your career options and achieve your goals. 

Interested in seeing where a PG Cert in education could lead you? To find out more, download a prospectus.  

Fjona Stojku

The flexibility of online education has been critical to my success as it allows me to smoothly blend my studies with my career responsibilities and personal goals.

Emily Wells

Although you are online, when you come to Essex for graduation it really puts it into perspective what you've actually done.

Claire Patricia Wilkinson

Once I've completed the course and obtained my degree, I hope to use it to progress into senior leadership roles within the NHS and play a part in making a positive change to healthcare in our country.