Mauro Orru - LLB (Hons) Law


Motivation is key and being able to find the right time to do the work is fundamental to success.

After completing my first Bachelors degree in Psychology, I moved from Italy to London to look for professional opportunities as well as postgraduate courses. I then completed two further courses with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and applied for an LLB with the University of Essex Online. I started the course because I wanted a first-class degree in law and to achieve this in three years. No other campus-based course would have allowed me to work at my own pace to achieve that.  

The virtual learning environment (VLE) was very user-friendly and I found it easy to access all the resources I needed. The reading lists were useful and the library is well stocked. There are plenty of resources available on general study skills, legal research, materials and access to university staff, so you aren’t left alone having to figure it all out. Also, the staff were incredible! One of the Student advisers made themselves available every time I had a question or needed help with challenging situations. 

I particularly enjoyed working on my research project with my supervisor. 

I’ve completed dissertations before, so was confident with the process of formulating a hypothesis, researching literature and coming to conclusions, but having not done a law one before I needed someone to give me honest and actionable feedback.  

I’m now the managing director of a group of companies that employs staff across three continents and am also responsible for legal matters, regulatory compliance, operations, marketing, human resources and technology. I’ve been able to apply several of the concepts learnt in contracts, trusts, equity, commercial and company law to a couple of new ventures my company’s starting. 

You need to be disciplined and put in the effort. No one chases you or rushes you to do your assignments or take part, you must do that yourself. Motivation is key and being able to find the right time to do the work is fundamental to success.  


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