It’s definitely worthwhile.

Although you are online, when you come to Essex for graduation it really puts it into perspective what you’ve actually done. Dedicate the time to it – it’s not really something that you can just slot in. You have to really make it part of your everyday life.

Essex is a good university, and I know that you can do other online study options, but to have a degree with a respected university is what appealed to me. There were certain modules that I really enjoyed, like the Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Communications ones.

I already had a part-time job doing marketing for a furniture company so I’m going to go full-time with that. I’m also interested in doing a postgraduate degree and seeing what options are available.

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Claire Patricia Wilkinson

Once I've completed the course and obtained my degree, I hope to use it to progress into senior leadership roles within the NHS and play a part in making a positive change to healthcare in our country.

Josephine Arthur Amoah

I decided to study with the University of Essex Online due to the course content, employability prospects, flexible start dates and because alumni had nothing but good things to say.

Agnisha Bose

I aspire to become a mental health professional and start my own private practice one day.