It’s definitely worthwhile.

Although you are online, when you come to Essex for graduation it really puts it into perspective what you’ve actually done. Dedicate the time to it – it’s not really something that you can just slot in. You have to really make it part of your everyday life.

Essex is a good university, and I know that you can do other online study options, but to have a degree with a respected university is what appealed to me. There were certain modules that I really enjoyed, like the Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Communications ones.

I already had a part-time job doing marketing for a furniture company so I’m going to go full-time with that. I’m also interested in doing a postgraduate degree and seeing what options are available.

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Anjelika Maromedoba

My long-term goals are to work in the United Nations Organisation or the World Health Organisation, as well as continuing my education with the University of Essex.

Adolfo Gonzalez

Almost a year has passed, and my experience with University of Essex Online has been excellent.

William Annoh

I've learnt a lot of things and I'm willing and ready to use them in my career path.