I came to the UK in 2008 with the intention to start my law degree straight away and pursue a successful career as a criminal barrister.

As life is unpredictable things did not work quite the way I had planned. When I came from Bulgaria, I could not speak a word of English, but I was determined to start my studies. I did so with another university, and shortly after I was juggling between two jobs, a full-time uni and commitments at home. At the time I did not receive any support from the university, I was struggling with my studies and I was struggling emotionally. Eventually I had to drop out because I simply could not handle the situation anymore.

I have always been determined to complete my studies and graduate as an LLB student. I was researching ways of gaining an LLB qualification and I came across the University of Essex Online’s programmes. I was surprised to find out that you can gain your LLB via distance learning – and that it carries the same value as an LLB qualification gained on campus. I got in touch with the University and soon managed to enrol.

The course has helped me significantly by making me conscious of the way our world works. It’s made me understand valuable aspects regarding my professional life, especially subjects such as contract law, tort law, land law and criminal law.

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Breshana Francis

The University of Essex Online law degree programme has developed and shaped my mind to think like a lawyer from the start of my studies.

Matthew Jones

The lessons are truly global, with students and tutors participating from anywhere; Brazil, China, America, and the UK – all in real time.

Oluwole Okanlawon

Growing up in Nigeria, I always wanted to have a University education.