I couldn’t speak a word of English, but I was determined to start my studies.

I came to the UK from Bulgaria with the intention of starting my law degree straight away and pursuing a successful career as a criminal barrister. I couldn’t speak a word of English, but I was determined to start my studies! 

I’ve always dreamt of graduating as an LLB student. I researched ways of gaining an LLB (Hons) Law qualification and I came across the University of Essex Online. I was surprised to find out that you can qualify via online learning and that it carries the same value as a qualification gained on campus. I got in touch with the admissions team and enrolled. 

The course helped me significantly by making me conscious of the way our world works. It made me understand valuable aspects regarding my professional life, especially subjects such as contract law, tort law, land law and criminal law.  

As a senior licensing officer, my work involves drafting legal contracts with terms and legal obligations. The course has also allowed me to develop my legal thinking and understand the wording and purpose within each section.  

The staff at the University of Essex Online team are truly amazing. Without the help of my tutors and student advisers, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Whether it was personal matters, financial issues or any confusion about course content, they were approachable, respectful and understanding every step of the way.  

My career has developed significantly over the years and my main goal is to help others realise that anything is possible. Appreciate the good in life and keep pushing until you find what you’re looking for. 

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Shemmiah Lewis

I have the flexibility to learn around my schedule and from anywhere in the world. This allowed me to secure a full-time job as a teacher while tutoring part-time.

Adolfo Gonzalez

Almost a year has passed, and my experience with University of Essex Online has been excellent.

Erika Van der Merwe

You are never late to achieve your career goals with Essex Online.