I got my new role as CEO of Age UK Scarborough & District through the work I’d developed doing my director’s role and Master of Business Management (MBM).

I’ve previously worked as a director for The Rainbow Centre, a local charity dealing with homelessness and those in crisis. I wanted a course that combined both business and management, having worked in both management and as a business mentor. The University of Essex Online’s Master of Business Management (MBM) looked great and was one of the only ones to offer the modules I wanted to study. The flexibility was also appealing, as when I enrolled, I worked two jobs alongside looking after my children. 

The course has its challenges, but I’ve learnt so much in both my professional and personal life. If it wasn’t for the course and the supportive tutors I’ve come across, I’d never have applied for my new role. I’ve found that the peer support alongside the tutors has superseded what I could’ve hoped for. 

The application to the workplace has been the best aspect. In quite a few cases, I’ve learnt about a theory or way of working and managed to apply this to my workforce to further strengthen not only my own role, but those of others within my team. My knowledge and skills have increased greatly and I can see the improvements I’ve made through my journals.  

I started in a new part-time director’s role for a small local charity at the same time as starting the Masters. I don’t feel that I would’ve been able to progress in this role and move the charity forward without the leadership and management practice I learnt on the course. I also believe I got my new role as CEO of Age UK Scarborough & District through the skills I’d developed through the course and my director’s role.  

I highly recommend the course, not only for professional development but also personal.  I’ve learnt a lot about myself during this time and although it’s difficult to juggle work, family life and studying online, it’s well worth it. My goals are to continue developing my career and I may even consider a PhD at some stage in the future! 

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Razan Alnather

The possibility to change your life is more tangible than you think. If you are working abroad in another country, an online qualification can increase your career options and open up paths to achieve your goals.

Fjona Stojku

The flexibility of online education has been critical to my success as it allows me to smoothly blend my studies with my career responsibilities and personal goals.

Grace Araba

I completed my course just before I turned 71. It shows age is no barrier and that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.