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Spotlight on… our Admissions team

Starting a part-time, online degree course can sometimes be an overwhelming and stressful experience; future students quickly discover that there’s a huge amount of information out there, lots of decisions to make and paperwork to complete. Luckily for those carrying out this process with University of Essex Online, our dedicated Admissions team are here to guide every single student and….

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Caroline Bluemel 13th Nov 2015

15 awesome transferable skills you learn through studying part-time

When you’re studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification you quickly become an expert in your chosen subject. But whatever course you choose to study, you’ll also find that you develop a wealth of transferable skills. These oft-forgotten ‘bonus’ skills make you a better student while you’re still studying, and equip you for work in almost any industry or profession…..

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Caroline Bluemel 06th Nov 2015

What are the career options with a Master of Public Health?

A Master of Public Health (MPH) is an incredibly versatile qualification, with graduates able to demonstrate their suitability to enter a wide range of public health roles. Most students have previous experience working in a health profession or have gained an undergraduate degree in a health-related field. But although students may have similar career backgrounds, their future plans usually cannot….

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Caroline Bluemel 30th Oct 2015

30 interview tips to help you land your dream job

So you’re in the running for the job you’ve always wanted… hurray! But before you start planning how you’ll spend your salary and researching the best cafes near the office, you need to nail it in the interview. Here are our top 30 tips for making the most of this chance. Before the interview Research the company Prepare for the….

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Caroline Bluemel 22nd Oct 2015

20 websites to make you a better online student

With literally billions of sites online to search through, it can be difficult to find useful and reputable information. So here are our hand-picked 20 best websites to help make you a better student! We’re sure you don’t need us to tell you that the internet is pretty big. And with literally billions of sites out there to search through,….

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Caroline Bluemel 09th Oct 2015

Is it plagiarism?

40,000 – That’s the number of university undergraduates disciplined for plagiarism over the past four years in the UK 1. It’s clear that plagiarism is a significant issue, with severe consequences for students that get caught. Universities take fraud very seriously, and are constantly improving their detection techniques and developing even more sophisticated technology to catch non-genuine submissions. But even….

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Caroline Bluemel 02nd Oct 2015

10 quick fixes for 10 common study problems

The rewards for studying are well-documented: improved career prospects, a boost to your self-esteem and the potential to earn a higher salary. But all of this is easy to forget when you hit an unexpected obstacle and that finish line can suddenly seem like it’s a long way away. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important not to….

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Caroline Bluemel 25th Sep 2015

Common misconceptions about criminology and criminal justice

Criminology and Criminal Justice is one of the most exciting and popular courses available at the BA (Hons) level. However, the course (and the careers it leads to) is also the victim of a huge amount of confusion and misunderstanding. This week’s blog post helps to dispel those myths…   Myth 1: You’ll learn how to solve crimes This is….

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Caroline Bluemel 18th Sep 2015

Spotlight on… Master of Public Health

Earlier this year we launched our Master of Public Health (MPH) and with the first start date rapidly approaching, we’ve decided to dedicate this week’s blog post to giving you more information about this exciting new course. Read on to discover more about this far-reaching and global topic…   What is it? Public Health is defined as “the science and….

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Caroline Bluemel 11th Sep 2015

Managing your time

Making the most of your time is a part of life; almost everyone at some stage needs to juggle family, work and a social life. But what happens when you throw part-time study into the mix? We’ve got some handy tips for finding more time in your week…   Tips and tricks Make use of your commute: Whether you’re on the….

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Caroline Bluemel 05th Sep 2015