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The role of a University of Essex Online tutor

Have you ever wondered what the role of an online tutor is? Our academic team here at University of Essex Online works hard to deliver the best quality teaching, but they also offer a wealth of support to our students. In his first blog for us, our Business tutor David James shares his experience as an online tutor: Hi Everyone…..

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Annika McDonald 03rd Aug 2018

Graduation 2018 - Awards presentation and the life of a Student Support Adviser!

Graduation day is a memorable and enjoyable day for many of our students but it’s also an exciting day for our Student Support team. They get to see the students graduate who they have helped through the good times and bad. It’s also often the first time our Student Support Advisers get to meet their students face-to-face. Our Student Support….

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Annika McDonald 27th Jul 2018

Graduation Day 2018

It was a beautiful sunny day at the University of Essex as everyone gathered for the 2018 Graduation Day. The day was filled with laughter and celebration as 125 of our online students made the trip over to collect their hard-earned certificates and celebrate with their friends and families. It was a busy day for our students as they arrived….

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Annika McDonald 20th Jul 2018

Visiting Colchester – a guide for graduation

It’s almost that time again, when our students get on trains or planes, don gowns and head to the Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall on the University of Essex Colchester campus. For most of our students, this will be their first time in Colchester, and for some it will even be their first time in the UK! So we’ve put together….

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Becky Ladley 13th Jul 2018

Shall I take my course online or shall I study on campus?

Have you always wondered about studying online but you had a few worries? Are you interested in flexible learning but not sure if it will work for you? Well fear not, our guest blogger Emma from our Admissions Team is here to give you a helping hand. We know if you are used to studying within a classroom-based setting than….

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Annika McDonald 06th Jul 2018

Seven Snacks to Supercharge your Study

Fitting studying into your life isn’t just about finding time to do the work. When we’re busy, we often slip into bad eating habits – but this can have a detrimental effect on your focus, meaning you have to work even harder to catch up. So it’s essential that you make sure to eat well while you’re studying (and the….

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Becky Ladley 29th Jun 2018

University of Essex Online designated for postgraduate loans in Wales

We’re excited to announce that, from the academic year 2018/2019, the majority of our postgraduate courses are designated courses in Wales. This means that students living in Wales can apply for a postgraduate student loan to cover the costs of their study. Postgraduate loans are paid directly to you, and, rather than being based on your household income, are subject….

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Annika McDonald 25th Jun 2018

Meet our Admissions team!

Got a burning question regarding your application? Looking for advice or more information on our courses? A few of our Admissions team are here to help:     Feeling inspired? Why not give one of our taster courses a try. Ready to apply? You can fill in your application here or you can get in touch with our Admission Team here.

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Annika McDonald 22nd Jun 2018

Spotlight on our new Master of Education course

Our Master of Education (M.Ed.) programme is launching in September, and we’ve already had a lot of interest!  We’ve had a lot of questions about various aspects of the course and figured that a handy guide to what the M.Ed. is (and isn’t) would be helpful.   Can I become a teacher after studying the M.Ed.? In the UK, attaining….

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Becky Ladley 15th Jun 2018

How studying online helped Julie land her dream role as a CEO

When Julie,36 from Scarborough, started studying her MSc in Business and Management she had no idea where it would take her. Having grown in confidence through learning new skills she decided to apply for a chief executive officer role… and she got it. We caught up with Julie to find out about her first few weeks in her new job:….

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Annika McDonald 08th Jun 2018