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A day in the life of a University of Essex Online tutor

Would you get up at 4am for a job you love? Because that is exactly what guest blogger and business tutor David James does! In this vlog he shares what a day in the life of a University of Essex Online tutor is like:      David will be returning with another vlog in December! Want to know more….

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Annika McDonald 02nd Nov 2018

Our top spooky subjects this Halloween

If you’re a serious scare enthusiast, it often seems a shame that Halloween only comes once a year. But no fear – we have a bunch of degree subjects that will keep you spooky for up to 48 months (indicative study duration).   BSc (Hons) Frankenstein Surgery By the end of this course you will be able to create and….

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Becky Ladley 26th Oct 2018

What business course should I study?

Business is our biggest subject, with over 800 current business students from 95 different countries, and eighteen different courses to choose from. Undergraduate, postgraduate, short course, marketing, management, finance, HR, project management, MBA… the options are endless! But with so many choices to pick from, how do you know which of our many different courses you should be studying? Today….

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Becky Ladley 19th Oct 2018

"It’s never too late to follow your passions" - law student Adam tells us about his journey!

Hi, I am Adam, 27, from Gloucester, England and I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about my time studying Law at the University of Essex Online. At my age I am considered a mature student and the first thing I want to say is it’s never too late to follow your passions. I have always had a….

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Annika McDonald 12th Oct 2018

Business tutor David James shares his tips on developing coping strategies

The leaves are starting to fall and the weather is getting cooler, so it must be time for the October installment from our guest blogger and business tutor David James. In this vlog he shares his tips on how you can discover and develop your own coping strategies:      David will be returning with another vlog in November! Want….

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Annika McDonald 05th Oct 2018

Six short courses you can start next month

NOTE: We no longer offer CertCE qualifications, but our new CertHE qualifications take 16 months to complete and are equivalent to the first level of undergraduate study. For more info click here.   With less than three months until Christmas, it’s easy to feel like the year is getting away from you – like time is running out. But there’s….

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Becky Ladley 28th Sep 2018

Spotlight on.....Infection Control

Infection control is one of the key priorities for hospital staff, environmental health officers and healthcare professionals throughout the world. The demand for Infection Control courses has increased in recent years due to multi resistant organisms and contagious illness outbreaks such as MRSA, swine flu and Ebola highlighting the need for more effective infection control. What is it? Our MSc Infection Control online….

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Annika McDonald 21st Sep 2018

How can an online degree help you prepare for resettlement?

If you were going on an exercise, would you leave base without a briefing and checking your kit? Of course not! So if you’re thinking of leaving the armed forces, make sure you prepare yourself the best way you can: by adding valuable qualifications to your CV with funding support from the MoD.   Why study an online degree? Online….

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Becky Ladley 14th Sep 2018

Discovering the lifelong benefits you can embrace from your Journal Entries

It’s time for the second instalment from our guest blogger and business tutor David James. In this blog he looks at the importance of your Journal Entries and the benefits you can gain from them:   Hi Everyone, As September arrives and we head towards the end of the year, each of us has an opportunity to finish 2018 on….

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Annika McDonald 07th Sep 2018

Our amazing 2018 students share their stories!

From refugee camps in Nigeria and hospitals in Sudan to the boardroom in Scarborough, our students have been making an impact in the world and they love to tell us their stories. Though hard work and study with us their lives have been changing for the better. So sit back and take a look at some of the amazing things….

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Annika McDonald 31st Aug 2018