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Don’t leave your business potential unlocked!

Do you have a business foundation degree that’s going to waste? We understand, sometimes life gets in the way. But it’s never too late to turn that foundation course into a full degree! If you’ve completed a business-related foundation-level degree (or HND, or equivalent) then we can help you to unlock your potential and gain that additional Bachelors-level qualification. We’re….

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Annika McDonald 01st Dec 2017

Student loan myths… debunked!

The newspapers and social media are full of myths and misconceptions about student loans. And with many horror stories published recently about students racking up huge debts, it’s no surprise that many people are afraid of taking out a student loan. But there’s no need to panic! While a student loan is still a serious financial commitment, this shouldn’t put….

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Caroline Bluemel 24th Nov 2017

Meet our Student Support team

Our Student Support team are here for you! As a University of Essex Online student, your dedicated Student Adviser is your mentor and first point of contact throughout your course. Want to learn more about the team (and pick up a few top tips)? Read on…   Matt Tamplin – Head of Student Support Recommended book: ‘The Five People You….

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Caroline Bluemel 17th Nov 2017

13 Proofreading Tips

  As an online student you’ll be writing a lot of assignments, discussion posts and projects. And while spelling and grammar might feel like a tiny part of an essay that’s thousands of words long, there’s really no excuse for losing marks due to something you can easily fix. Read on to discover our 13 proofreading tips…   1. Check….

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Caroline Bluemel 10th Nov 2017

Ten transferable skills you gain by studying psychology

Psychology is a thought-provoking and exciting subject that develops your knowledge of forensic and investigative psychology, education psychology, critical social psychology and much more. However, this subject-specific knowledge isn’t the only thing you’ll learn on a psychology programme; you’ll also build a wide range of transferable skills that aid your personal and career development. Read on to learn more about….

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Caroline Bluemel 03rd Nov 2017

Attend our "Virtual Open Day"

Take a “tour” of University of Essex Online, and learn about our tutors, testimonials, courses and more!  

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Caroline Bluemel 27th Oct 2017

Test your MBA knowledge

An MBA qualification is a world-recognised qualification, and a great way to boost your career and salary expectations. Are you considering starting an MBA course? Test your knowledge of this exciting programme… Online Form – University of Essex Online – MBA quiz HTML Form Generator

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Caroline Bluemel 20th Oct 2017

Which business pathway is right for me?

Here at University of Essex Online, we offer four distinct and exciting “MSc Business” pathways: MSc Business and Management, MSc Business with Finance, MSc Business with Human Resources and MSc Business with Marketing. All of these programmes offer a unique opportunity to refine your skills in a key area of modern business. Not sure which pathway to follow? We advise….

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Caroline Bluemel 13th Oct 2017

7 ways to boost your studying productivity

Sometimes you have too many things to do, and not enough hours in the day to do them. Sound familiar? Instead of trying to create time where there just isn’t any, we’ve found that the key to success is to be more productive with the time that you do have. With that in mind, here are our top 7 ways….

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Caroline Bluemel 06th Oct 2017

How to write a cover letter

A cover letter is your opportunity to make your job application stand out from the crowd to an employer. The best ones show your personality while also giving recruiters the chance to learn about your skills and your suitability for the job. That’s a lot of information to cram into a few short paragraphs, so it’s understandable if you’re unsure….

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Caroline Bluemel 29th Sep 2017