The online platform allows me to study at my own pace around my working hours.

During the coronavirus pandemic, I opted to complete a business admin apprenticeship to gain some experience within a professional setting. As part of this apprenticeship, I had to complete an improvement project within the business, which led to me running the social media accounts. From this, the business then offered me a role as an internal communications coordinator.   

This role led me to find my passion in marketing and social media, and ultimately start my education journey with the University of Essex Online. I felt that obtaining a BA (Hons) Business and Marketing would put me in good stead for future career choices, but I still wanted to work full time whilst completing my studies.   

After researching online degrees, I found the University of Essex Online and felt it would provide me with the freedom to both work and study simultaneously. The freedom to study online also allows me to make time for hobbies such as content creation, reading and travelling. I was even able to complete some of my studies on a trip abroad. The support that the tutors and study team offer is great. The regular Q&A sessions for each module, as well as the online communication channels between the students and tutors, make it easy to ask any questions related to the assignments. 

Since starting my degree, I’ve gained a great insight into key business and marketing theories, frameworks and models, that I can now apply to my day-to-day work life. Throughout my studies, I’ve progressed in my career and I’m now working as a junior marketing executive, while also pursuing my freelance social media agency. The topics explored throughout this course have been a contributing factor to helping me progress in my professional life.   


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Adolfo Gonzalez

Almost a year has passed, and my experience with University of Essex Online has been excellent.

Fjona Stojku

The flexibility of online education has been critical to my success as it allows me to smoothly blend my studies with my career responsibilities and personal goals.

Hei Chan

While a 9-to-5 office job is the norm in Hong Kong, I realised it wasn’t right for me and decided to switch career paths during the pandemic.